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Oh Christmas Socks! Oh Christmas Socks! How Sweetly You Fit in My Mailbox!

Yes It’s that time of year again, when we all dig deep and buy a lot of stuff just because! (Just Kidding! I love this time of year!)  It’s fun and festive and full of sights and sounds and even smells that feel like the Holidays.  We have even already made our Gingerbread House!  I did a little shopping too, but I’m not even close to finished.  We don’t have a tree yet but the Elf on the Shelf came a couple of nights ago.  If you don’t have a kid around, and don’t know what an Elf on the Shelf is, it’s a little girl or boy Elf that is a scout for Santa who shows up after Thanksgiving.  The Elf does mischievous things every night for the kids to find in the morning. AND reports to Santa whether they are Naughty or Nice, so they better be Good for Goodness sakes! Then at the end of the season it goes back to the North Pole for another year. It’s fun.elf-shelf  It’s also an awesome time of year for taking tons of pictures, going out and shooting winter wonderlands and festive decorations.  Family and friends, lights, busy streets, beautiful mountains and trees…just about anything this time of year makes for a great Holiday memory.  I think I’ll go make a fire and get a glass of wine, and watch ” Holiday Affair” with Robert Mitchum or “The Bishops Wife” (the old one with Cary Grant and Loretta Young)  or my favorite of all my old movies, even though it’s not really a Christmas movie but has Christmas eve in it, is “Meet John Doe” with Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck.  I just Love Frank Capra.  I even bought a book by him once at a garage sale in L.A that was signed by him, It’s a great one called “The Name Above the Title” an autobiography he wrote about the movie industry and his life in the hey day of great old movie making.

frankWell, Happy Holidays, and for all the little Elves in your Life, don’t forget to fill the SOCKS hung by the fireplace with Care, with a Fun Sock Subscription to Sockcandy Kids Sock Club!…and a little Holiday Magic too!


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SockGiving Time is Here! Time to gather your feathered Family and Friends around the Table and Give Socks!

Well you could give socks from or you could eat a lot of Turkey or Tofu if that’s your thing.  Or even a Turducken for that matter!  But one thing is for sure…I’m starting to get stressed a little about the Holidays that are swiftly approaching!  Where does the time go?  Wasn’t it just July? When we were sitting along side a little dusty road in a nearby small town, watching the Forth of July stampede and parade. When we were swimming our heads off at any available pool, river or puddle?  When it was 100* out and not 10 below and dreary grey.  We had BBQ’s and sunny happy summer memories! Or what about September?  Wasn’t it just the first day of school?  Shopping for school supplies and going to “Meet the Teacher” night?  Dang, time seriously does fly. So now it’s “The Holidays” again.  I start to get stressed thinking about family coming to visit, Money needing to be made for Christmas, battling crowds looking for gifts, fighting over parking spots, finding the time to make cookies ,gingerbread houses and truffles, going to Christmas parties and get togethers, making sure that all the magical holiday traditions are poised and ready to make my little girls holiday Bright.  Whew, I’m getting whipped just imagining it!  But you know?  I just have to take a deep breath and make it work like I do every year, because isn’t that what it’s all about?  Making Happy Holiday memories for our kids to remember when they grow up.  I have those, all thanks to my parents and what was probably their stressed out holiday time.  So BRING IT ON HOLIDAY SEASON!!  I’m ready!  I think…

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It’s Socktober!

This a great idea and a good deed we can all be a part of, which is helping someone in need get comfy, warm new SOCKS!!  Now, I’m not at all suggesting that you buy them from Sockcandy since that would be impractical because we deliver the socks to people’s doorsteps.  But I do think the idea is awesome and I would love for everybody to get on board and do just that!  Here is everybody’s Favorite Kid President to tell you more, Enjoy! Here’s the link to donate:

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I wish she could stay little for a few more years.

When she was little, maybe 4 to 5 years old, it was so fun and magical during this time of year. Believing was everything, Elves, Reindeer and especially, you know who, Santa the all and powerful.  The world and all it held was sparkly merry and bright, full of all the wonders a new little mind could imagine and it made me feel wondrous and young too.

Back then and up until just a few years ago now, princesses were everywhere and very instrumental to everyday life.  Fairies had houses in the flowers and trees in the garden and we ALWAYS clapped because we believed.  For me it was the sweet recollection of childhood memories that I knew I was helping to create.

For eleven birthdays now, with every sleepover, all the back yard play times with her pals in the summertime.  Hide and seeking in the house, with me always being “It” because she was afraid to look for me by herself. All those childhood milestones which hopefully she’ll take with her and smile about, on her journey in life.  The ones she’ll tell her own children about, I hope, one day.


nikon 2012-2015 611

Mia 9yrs Still a Believer!


nikon 2012-2015 596

You always have to shake a few!

The traditions we helped forge in those eleven years and beyond, I hope she’ll look back on fondly someday too.  I didn’t have that much  magic in my childhood, my mother was somewhat too busy with her own life and we had four kids in our family. It wasn’t near what I try to create for my little girl.  I hope I’ve done a good job, I guess I’m just trying to make it the way I wish it had been for me.  My loss, her benefit.

In the mean time, she’s slowly leaving childhood behind, princesses have turned into Anime characters, fairies have morphed into Monster High dolls and tween crushes now reign supreme.  I still look forward to seeing her face on Christmas morning, not because of the excitement of the presents, but because of that innocent magic light that is (some what still there) in her little eyes. Because she’s not quite sure if things are real now or make believe.  Half her class, she tells me, says that the magic of Christmas, of Santa and Elves, are fake and made up.  The other half says they aren’t sure, the jury is still out for now.  Next year it will be middle school, and the magic will undoubtedly come to an end… If only she could stay little for a few more years.  I’ll just have to secretly clap and still believe for the both of us.  Merry Christmas all Believers Everywhere.

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It’s the “Luck of the Irish!” they say, I say it’s the Luck of Denzel Washington!

Unleash your inner Leprechaun! I’m not Irish and I never really celebrated St Patty’s Day all too much (although when I was younger I had my moments of too much green fun).  That being said, I just wanted to leave an inspiring quote for a St Patrick’s Day thought, and funny, it’s always been one of my favorite quotes, I just didn’t know it was from one of my favorite actors of all time…Denzel Washington. He said:st-patricks-day-quotes-3  I think he is one of the most classy and talented actors in this generation.

and not only that, I had the awesome opportunity to see him once in Shakespeare in the Park one summer in NY.  He played Richard the 3rd and was so far and above the obvious major talent to be, he wasn’t yet as famous like he has become.  So it was so fun to watch his career go off the charts a short time after.  Absolutely stunning and riveting in every way.  Then years later, as Luck would have it for me, I was a flight attendant working a late night flight from LA to NY and lo and behold there was Denzel sitting in first class that night, all by himself and perhaps a little board and couldn’t sleep.  I freaked!! I flashed back to Richard the 3rd and Glory and all the thrillers he’d done already, and couldn’t believe I was talking to him tripping out about how gracious and truly interested he was to talk to me. But he didn’t want to hear my views about all his awards and films and successes, what he wanted to hear about was what I thought about Richard the 3rd!  I told him how I just knew, even back then, that he was going to be Huge! And that I could tell he was going to be the headlining star for bigger and better things. That it was inevitable.  And how he commanded that stage and how he lit it up with energy and intensity like know one else did that day. He was blown away, he couldn’t believe it.  I had him so graciously wanting to hear more and more…it was surreal.  Thankfully he was everything I hoped he would be, sweet,classy and calm.  So polite and kind, a true good guy!  I have to say I was so relieved that he was like that because I have met quite a few celebrities and some are a sad let down and a bummer to find that they are actually rude or jerks.  Oh well, we all have bad days. But not, apparently, Denzel.  Hooray!!

Thank goodness, it seems, Denzel is what he seems to be, a wonderful humble true actor artist who seriously values his craft not just the fame and fortune at the bottom of his own hard earned rainbow!  And I also don’t think it had anything to do with Luck that he became such a success.  I think he was prepared for sure, but I don’t think anything could have stopped his star from rising.  Too much talent and love of the craft.  He would have done it somehow, Richard the 3rd was…well, Just a walk in the proverbial Park!  Thank you Denzel, for being just you! And Yes, Good Luck too, even though you truly don’t need it…your just that Good. Happy St Patty’s Day Denzel  you certainly  “made Glorious summer” for me at an otherwise boring night at work, I will never forget!

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Enter Sockcandy’s Kid photographer Sock Photo contest Now!

We have launched our Kid Sock Photo contest!  Kids can take and post a photo to sockcandy kids monthly sock club on Facebook.  They take a photo of themselves or a friend or a monkey if they have one, wearing any pair of socks! Then on September 1st we will notify the lucky photographer if they have won via their photo REPLY on the post for the contest on Sockcandy’s facebook page.  The lucky winner will receive a free 1 month subscription for a Zany pair of Sockcandy Socks and the surprise inside too! 

We will run this photo contest once a month, so there’s always a chance to enter. So be Creative…Tell your friends and share this post with all your parent friends who have art loving kids!socks6